CUPE Local 30

Why We Matter

CUPE 30 is the union that represents many of the workers in the City of Edmonton, EPCOR, Thorsby, Ft. Saskatchewan, and the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

–encompassing thousands of workers in job areas such as: waste collectors, labourers, trades, lifeguards, peace officers, grounds keepers, parks labourers, snowplow drivers, and dozens of other job titles.

Unions are associations of workers who have come together to speak with one voice, when demanding better treatment. They work primarily to improve the quality of life and job conditions of their members. Successes achieved by one union can impact working conditions in all sectors of the economy. Union members understand that people must work together to solve problems, and unions are a mechanism for doing so.

To be unionized means that CUPE 30 works to ensure you, as an Employee, are treated fairly and provided a safe and healthy working environment.

CUPE 30 negotiates with your employer to produce a document called Collective Agreement. Our Collective Agreement is an integral part of our members’ individual employment contracts. It outlines – among other things – the rights, benefits and work conditions of student workers in the Edmonton Metropolitan Area.

You can participate in your union by attending and voting at your local General Membership Meetings or by running for election as an officer or committee member. Please contact us, or reach out to your area shop steward if you want to get more involved.