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This section is meant to provide a quick summary of our unions, our responsibilities, and the resources available to our members.

The What, When, Who, and How of CUPE Local 30:
All You Need to Know About

The information in these questions and answers is provided for information purposes only and is not the responsibility of CUPE Local 30. Any questions specific to your situation as a member should be directed to us. You can write to us at

CUPE 30 represents thousands of municipal workers in the Edmonton Metropolitan Area. From Waste Collectors, to Peace Officers, to Roads Labourers, Lifeguards, and EPCOR workers.
CUPE 30 was formed in 1917 following a unionisation drive to fight for better working conditions and fair treatment. Up until 1941 organised labour in Canada had an uphill battle of fighting for their legitimacy.
In general, unions are associated with the struggle for better working conditions, fair treatment, and the promotion of a reasonable work life balance. The success of one union can raise the working conditions, and quality of life for many sectors of the economy. By standing together, we recognise that our greatest strength is in our solidarity.

To be a member of CUPE 30 you need:

  1. To be an employee of the City of Edmonton, EPCOR, Thorsby, Ft. Saskatchewan, or Explore Edmonton.
  2. Check you pay advice; it will tell you what union you’re a part of.

Part-time or full-time does not affect your membership in CUPE 30. All dues paying members are seen as equal when initiated into the local.

CUPE 30 represents you in all matters relating to your contracted position.

To vote in a Union election you need to be an initiated member of our local.
In the 1946 supreme court decision, Judge Irvin Rand ruled that employees that are covered by a collective agreement should pay dues to their local, however, their union cannot force them to join. Members must choose to join (initiate) the union may vote in the election.

While all dues paying members are members of our union. To vote in the internal proceedings of the union you must choose to opt-in to being a member of the local. This is done through filling out an Initiation form  This is meant to symbolise your commitment to abiding by the rules of our local.
Once you have completed your paperwork, your name will be put forward at the next General Meeting to be decided by the membership.
When completing your paperwork, you will be expected to abide by oath of membership. This will serve as the base rules for appropriate conduct within the organisation.
Once the membership votes to accept you with full voice and full vote, you will be then considered a Member in Good Standing.

A Member in Good Standing, is a Union member that has been initiated into the local and is entitled to participate and vote in meetings related to internal matters of the local.
Members may retain their “Member in Good Standing” status for up to 24 months when on temporary lay off.

CUPE 30 holds general membership meetings on the third Wednesday of every month, with the possible exception of the summer months of July and August.
We also hold social events such as our Christmas party, Retirement Banquet, Fall Social and barbecues.
We even host workshops for new members and provide direction for members wishing to take courses from CUPE National.
Shop Stewards are trained primarily through CUPE National in collaboration with our CUPE Local.

General membership meetings are the bedrock of our local. Major financial decisions, and motions relating to governance are passed through the general membership.
General Meetings are also when the Board and committees update the membership on their progress.
If you are an initiated member and are interested in participating in General Meetings then please check your personal email for meeting notices.
Our meetings are running according to Bourinot’s Rules of Order . These rules can sometimes be confusing to new members, and our local will be running annual workshops for members interested in learning about how to participate in the meeting.
Further, all CUPE functions are governed under our Code of Conduct and our Equality Statement. This ensures that all members are treated fairly, and that discriminatory conduct is swiftly dealt with.

A union is only as strong as it’s members
You can come out to membership meetings, sign up to join a committee, apply to be a Shop Steward, or run to represent your area on the Executive Board.
Each role has its own value. By attending meetings, you learn more about the local. By joining a committee, you help the local implement new ideas, and by being a Shop Steward you help to hold the line by representing our members.

A Shop Steward is the first line of defense against infringements on your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Stewards accomplish this by representing members when at disciplinary meetings, being a reference for questions relating to the CBA, and speaking on behalf of their job site at Shop Stewards meetings.

The fastest way to find your Shop Steward is to check our Shop Stewards List. This list is meant to help you match your job site with the nearest available Shop Steward. If you cannot access the list, or have additional questions, then feel free to contact our administrative office either through phone, email, or via our help request form below.
If your request is urgent, then please contact our administrative office, and they will connect you with the most available Shop Steward.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general educational purposes only.

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