CUPE Local 30

Get Help

CUPE 30 strives to have a productive relationship between our members and our employers.

We’ve worked hard to strike this balance through developing working relationship committee’s, a working relationship agreement, and having our stewards advocate for better working conditions on the job site. 

All issues that are brought to our attention are taken seriously and CUPE 30 considers its approach on a case-by-case basis. Your experiences are unique and deserve to be considered on its own merits. There are many ways to address a problem.

If you have any question or if you’d like to talk to someone about a situation that’s caused you distress, you can reach out to us. All issues and questions will remain anonymous.

If you need a representative, then please call our office or submit this online form.

If you are calling on a weekend, or after business hours, please contact your area’s shop steward for more information. 

How to get help:


Start by contacting your job site’s shop steward, they have a ground-level understanding of your work and are the unions first point of contact


If you don’t have a shop steward at your job site, then feel free to message your Chief Shop Steward for your area


If you’re not sure who to contact, then try reaching out to our administrative staff, they will help direct you to the right resources. 


If you need to contact a business agent, then please fill out the attached form and send to your business agent. They will review the information that you’ve sent to get a better understanding of your case.