CUPE Local 30

Find A Rep

If you need a representative, then please call our office or submit this online form.

If you are calling on a weekend, or after business hours, please contact your area’s shop steward for more information. 

The first point-of-contact, and the first line of defense in supporting the collective agreement, and your rights as a CUPE 30 member, is the
Shop Steward.

How to get help:


Start by contacting your job site’s shop steward, they have a ground-level understanding of your work and are the unions first point of contact


If you don’t have a shop steward at your job site, then feel free to message your Chief Shop Steward for your area


If you’re not sure who to contact, then try reaching out to our administrative staff, they will help direct you to the right resources. 


If you need to contact a business agent, then please fill out the form from this page and send to your business agent. They will review the information that you’ve sent to get a better understanding of your case.

A Shop Steward is a member-in-good standing with the local that has been nominated by their peers in their workplace to function as their representative.

                            Download the updated list of shop stewards.

Business Agents are the full-time employees of the union. Their job is to handle grievances, arbitrations, and bargaining on behalf of the local. 

Business Agent Assignments