CUPE Local 30

Get Involved

A strong union is an active union.

If you want more of a say in how our Union is run, or if you want to be more active the labour movement, then signing up to become a Member in Good Standing, is a great place to start!

Sign up by filling out this form and send it over to our administrative office for processing!

Please note: that your initiation will not be complete until your form is received by the office and that the membership has voted to accept you as a member with full voice and vote. This may take longer than 30 days as meetings are generally scheduled on a monthly basis from September through June.
If you would like to vote in Union elections, we urge you to sign up as soon as possible.

Members in Good Standing can run for various elected positions. These positions allow members to become more active in the Union. Full-time executive positions are paid positions and are elected on a triannual basis at our March general meeting. Executive board positions allow for members to have a greater role in the day-to-day running of the local. Committees are elected for members to participate in projects and activism on a part-time basis.

To be elected to any of these positions, you must first be an initiated member of the CUPE 30. This involves signing a registration form and making a voluntary contribution of $1.00. This contribution is meant to show your willingness to ascribe to the principals of trade unionism and to act in the best interest of the local.

Abbreviations: EB: Executive Board, SS: Shop Steward, CS: Chief Shop Steward, GVP: General Vice President